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Why Facial Rejuvenation Has A Place in Dentistry

Why Facial Rejuvenation Has A Place in Dentistry

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Dentistry encompasses many aspects; from veneers to implant restorations, dentists have been aesthetically and medically treating the mouth for various diseases and misalignment to give people healthier teeth. But BOTOX? Dermal fillers? What place do those have in dentistry? Usually, these treatments are found in medical spas and dermatology clinics. Still, the steady rise for cosmetic enhancement has led to the combination of dermal fillers and dental work for a full mouth reconstruction.

As our success leans on the adaptation of our ever-changing world, we have facial rejuvenation as part of our practice, and here, we’ll discuss with you why dermal fillers have taken a steady rise in practices and the benefits they provide for patients.

Defining Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation is any cosmetic, medical, or dental procedure used to restore a younger-looking appearance without surgery. It entails several treatments and has two modalities. These modalities include minimally invasive and reversible. Both of these modalities include the use of BOTOX and other dermal fillers. As many know, BOTOX is used to smooth lines and wrinkles along the face when used cosmetically. Hydraulic acid fillers restore volume lost through the natural aging process. While BOTOX lasts between 3 to 4 months, hydraulic acid fillers can last as long as 9 to 12 months.

These treatments have a natural supplement with aesthetic dentistry to enhance tooth display and how the soft tissues surround the mouth. For patients wanting to communicate what they wish to improve, aesthetic dentistry doesn’t just treat the teeth; by extension, it treats the way patients perceive themselves. Dentists have a great understanding of how the facial anatomy works, and when working with areas of the mouth, who else would patients be able to trust than with dentists? Dentists have the skills to deliver injections based on the anatomy of the neck and head and often have more experience handling injections than most medical spas.

Do BOTOX and Dermal Fillers Work?

The muscles surrounding the mouth have a drastic impact on facial expressions and aesthetic appearance. Most often, patients with adult baby teeth, or patients with large gums, instinctively can find themselves hiding their smile more due to the perceived imperfections. When faced with these issues, dentists often perform extensively surgical procedures such as crown lengthening and laser gum removal to correct these problems. Normally, these provide permanent solutions for correction and can work well for those wishing for a permanent solution. But BOTOX and other dermal fillers offer a more non-invasive solution to these issues and can profoundly affect the face with long-term treatment.

BOTOX can address the relationship between the face, the teeth, and the person, and when correctly applied, it can dramatically increase the patient’s relationship with their smile. Through these injections, patients can receive both aesthetically pleasing and functional care, and if you’d like to learn about our approach to facial rejuvenation, then contact The Aesthetic Dentistry of Palm City, located in Palm City, FL, and operated by Dr. Tom and Shannon Galinis, for your initial consultation today.

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