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Do Teeth-In-A-Day Implants Work?

Do Teeth-In-A-Day Implants Work?

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Teeth-in-a-day implants sound like an unrealistic expectation and an unachievable goal for both the dentist and the patient. Traditional implants often work through a modified series of dental visits, cooperation with dental laboratories, and even extensive work depending on the original state of the person’s mouth. However, teeth-in-a-day implants work to speed up the long, tedious process that people normally experience with implant surgery, and is a method of implant surgery that uses fully functioning prosthetic teeth to replace misplaced, decaying teeth.

An In-Depth Look: Teeth-In-A-Day Implants

Also known as Same-Day implants, teeth-in-a-day implants skip the wound healing and osseointegration process normally found with traditional implants. This alternative method can use either temporary implants or permanent implants to replace an extracted tooth and allow patients who cannot afford the waiting time to skip the two to four months that the socket heals.

These implants can have advantages for those looking to have a better-looking smile within a shorter amount of time, including:

  • The implant fuses to the bone better, allowing for the healing process to adjust to the implant, and fuse better to the bone
  • The soft tissues and gums surrounding the socket can heal quicker, making it less likely to recede in the mouth
  • By avoiding the long healing process, the same day, implants can keep food contaminants away from the socket and prevent infection from occurring.
  • The patient will have an immediate restoration within that day, meaning the patient will not leave the office with any missing teeth.

In short, the process for teeth-in-a-day implants is quicker, involves fewer steps, and gives the patient a replacement tooth immediately. But can skipping the healing process cause long-term harm to a patient? The cautionary side effects, as with any dental procedure, comes with some risks:

  • Some evidence shows an increase in implant failure when compared to conventional approaches.
  • Other evidence presents a marginal reduction in jawbone mass when holding the implant in place, which can cause the dental implant to loosen and fail.
  • Post-operative discomfort and swelling can also occur more frequently for patients who choose same-day implants than those who choose conventional treatment.

All of these risks come with teeth-in-a-day implants. However, patients wishing to have this procedure require to have certain factors that affect a person’s ability to receive this treatment, which include having a healthy bone structure, clean of infection, and have adequate bone mass for supporting the implant. For those looking for a sped-up tooth replacement option, teeth-in-a-day implants can present that option, and your dentist will give you the proper advice needed to choose the best plan for your smile.

If your general dentist recommended you to our practice, then we happily welcome you! If you’re looking for a cosmetic dental practice than can correct your bite, replace your teeth, and give you a beautiful, healthy smile, then please contact Aesthetic Dentistry of Palm City, located in Palm City, FL and operated by Dr. Tom Galinis and Dr. Shannon Galinis, for more information.

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