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The Invisalign Difference- Drs. Tom and Shannon Galinis understand the importance in straightening your teeth not only to improve your appearance, but your overall oral health.

Invisalign is a series of plastic aligners that are virtually undetectable when used by the patient for teeth straightening. This modern day solution to teeth straightening uses 3-D computer imaging technology to formulate the complete treatment plan from the initial position to the final desired outcome.

The process of Invisalign Treatment.
1. Drs. Tom or Shannon Galinis will perform a comprehensive oral examination to determine if you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign treatment.
2. X-ray images, photographs and 3D digital scanning of your teeth and bite are performed by one of our highly trained dental assistants. The information is then sent to Align Technology. Dr. Shannon Galinis will then use the ClinCheck software to digitally plan your new Smile.
3. Custom aligners are then fabricated for the entire Invisalign Treatment.
4. Patients are expected to wear their aligners for 22-24 hours a day for two week intervals. The aligners may be conveniently removed for eating.
5. Each Invisalign treatment is different depending on the complexity of tooth movement. One can expect about 12-18 months for the final results to be achieved.
6. Once Invisalign treatment is complete, a new 3D digital Smile scan is taken, sent to Align Technology and Vivera retainers are fabricated. Your retainer is a lifetime commitment to keep your brand-new Smile Beautiful, Healthy and Straight!